Become a W.I.S.E Ambassador or Advisory Board Member!

We have W.I.S.E Ambassadors and Advisory Board members.

Our Ambassadors serve as volunteers, advocates and supporters to the organization.

Our Advisory Board Members are not a decision-making forum; instead, they act as independent sources of information and provide advice to the Board of Directors on strategic issues or risks confronting the organization.

Other roles and responsibilities for advisory board members include:

  • Developing an understanding of business, market, and industry trends;
  • Providing “W.I.S.E counsel” on issues raised by the Board of Directors;
  • Providing the Board of Directors with insights and ideas which can only come with distance from the day-to-day operations;
  • Encouraging and supporting the exploration of new business ideas;
  • Acting as a resource for board members;
  • Encouraging the development of a governance framework that enables continued growth, whilst not stifling the spirit or vision of the founder;
  • Monitoring business performance and challenging the Board of Directors to consider options for improving the business.

 Interested in becoming a W.I.S.E Ambassador or an Advisory Board member?  Email 


Mrs. Schnelle Jefferson, Ambassador



Ms. Kayla Williams, Ambassador



Ms. Fran Melvin, Advisory Board Member



Ms. Lisa Dent, Ambassador



Mrs. DeLisia Utley, Ambassador