Become a W.I.S.E Ambassador or Advisory Board Member!

We have W.I.S.E Ambassadors and Advisory Board members
Our Ambassadors:
serve as volunteers, advocates and supporters to the organization.  Our Advisory Board members, are not a decision-making forum; instead provides an independent source of information and advice to the Board of directors on strategic issues or risks confronting the organization:

Other roles and responsibilities for advisory board members includes:

  • Develop an understanding of the business, market  and industry trends
  • Provide “W.I.S.E counsel” on issues raised by the Board of directors
  • Provide the Board of directors with insights  and ideas which can only come with distance from the  day-to-day operations
  • Encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas
  • Act as a resource for Board members
  • Encourage the development of a governance framework that enables continued growth, whilst not stifling the spirit or vision of the founder
  • Monitor business performance and challenge the Board of directors to consider options for improving the business

 Interested in becoming a W.I.S.E Ambassador or an Advisory Board member?  Email 


Mrs. Schnelle Jefferson, Ambassador



Ms. Kayla Williams, Ambassador



Ms. Fran Melvin, Advisory Board Member



Ms. Lisa Dent, Ambassador



Mrs. DeLisia Utley, Ambassador