We Honor All Those Who Have Embraced Our Mission and Stand with Us To Shine A Light on Mental Illness…

TheWISEorg deeply appreciates the support of those who share our vision of mental mobility.  We also appreciate those who donate and choose to remain anonymous.  Thank you for your generosity and commitment.

These gifts were made from 2016 through Jan 2018.  If you donated and do not see your name listed, we many not have received notification of your gift.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our list.  Please call the Department Office at 301-678-3192 with any changes, corrections or comments.


– Mr. William Mebane
– Mr. Larry Smith
– Ms. Sheritta Dunton
– Mrs. Dawn Chase
– Mrs. Schnelle Jefferson
– Dr. Thomisha M. Duru
– Ms. Fay Lomax
– Mr. Michael Duru
– Ms. Aisha Henry
– Mrs. Delisia Utley
– Ms. Lisa Dent
– Mr. Cory Livington
– Mr. Stephon Coleman
– Mr. Keith Shell
– Mr. Nigel Okunubi
– Ms. Shawn Dunton
– Ms. Tiffany Barcliff
– Mr. Gary Marbley
Corporations, Foundations and Community Groups
– Wegmans Ownings Mills
– Greene Turtle
Government/Grantors (direct awards and subcontracts)
coming soon
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