Mental Mobility 101
This is a 12-week course intended for women who have completed the Becoming W.I.S.E. 101 program or are not in need of immediate social service assistance.

Throughout the duration of this program, participants will complete a series of self-reflective and action-oriented challenges that will inspire them to regain their mental mobility. See a brief roadmap of our program below:


6 Weeks

This course equips participants with tools and techniques to become self-aware.



4 Weeks

This course encourages participants to move forward with a tangible plan for success.



2 Weeks

This course provides an opportunity for participants to share and reflect on their journeys.


By the end of this program, participants will have gained practical tools and skills to self-regulate their emotions, to re-identify themselves, and to practice self-care. Interested in joining our next cohort? Email us at for more information.