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What is TheWISEorg’s Sister-Circle Program?

The program is an extension of our resources to provide social and networking opportunities for its alumni and current program participants.  Our mission is to educate our clients on the importance of creating balance while immersing them in environments that force them to desire additional self-maintenance, esteem, care and development.  Studies have shown that, “when you look good, you feel good”.  A common problem many women have shared with us is that it’s hard to find positive, like-minded women to befriend and/or socialize with.  This program offers an array of activities, events and excursions throughout the year where women can join together for the sole purpose of networking, socializing, supporting one another, and experiencing sisterhood.

Interested in partnering with TheWISEorg?

Even with your busy schedule, obligations and commitments, you can participate and attend a WISE event. We offer a variety of flexible options for partnering with us.  Our goal is that the more you’re involved, the more aware, educated, empowered and encouraged you’ll become!

What’s a WISE Partner-Member?

A partner is one of two or more people who work together or do business together; someone who participates in an activity.

A member is simply the number or body of people within a group.

Although our goal is to improve mental mobility of millions of women all across the world, it’s more important that we “partner” with women who are invested and have a desire to make a positive change, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others.

TheWISEorg solicits “partners,” not members!

However, we understand that our “partners” make up a body of people; therefore, our “partners” are called WISE Partner-Members.

To be a Partner-Member means that you agree to work with other WISE partner-members within our monthly projects, including but not limited to: events, social service work, community service projects, sister-circles, outings and more! Become a Partner-Member today!

What’s in it for you?

In addition to our monthly continuing education empowerment events, we assist and support our partner-members through services such as: referrals for counseling and more; life/business coaching; entrepreneurial and business development services; publishing services; networking; sisterhood development and more!

We offer flexible partner-membership investment options such as: Sponsor Partner-Member Option; Silent Partner-Member Option; Supportive Partner-Member; and Participatory Partner-Member. You can’t go wrong with becoming a WISE Partner-Member! Program alumni membership fees are waived.

Our partner-members enjoy the benefits of mingling with new people, networking with hundreds of women, and joining an exclusive organization.

Click here to see a list of our upcoming Sister-Circle events!

Our flexible partnership annual fee/donation options are:
  • Sponsorship Partner-Member
  • Silent Partner-Member – $40 annual donation
  • Supportive Partner-Member – $45 annual donation
  • Participatory Partner-Member -$60 annual donation
Become a WISE Partner-Member Today!

Furthermore, being a W.I.S.E Partner-Member means that you agree to:

  • Participate in our virtual monthly meeting held every third Wednesday (we meet to collaborate, build, support, and develop projects);
  • Register and attend our Sister-Circle activities;
  • Register and attend our service projects*;
  • Volunteer and support our client completion ceremonies;
  • Participate in our annual retreats;
  • Attend, at least once a month, our Client Educational Training Program; and more!

*Service projects include, but are not limited to: volunteer work supporting local organizations including women’s shelters and women in poverty, mentoring of young women and girls, and more. 

Our partner-members are committed to attending continued development and engagement activities for networking purposes. Click here for a list of monthly events and activities.

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