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Become a WISE Partner-Member

Interested in Partnering with TheWISEorg?

Even with your busy schedules, obligations and commitments- you can participate and attend a WISE event. We offer a variety of flexible options for partnering with us.  Our goal is that the more you’re involved- the more aware, educated, empowered and encouraged you’ll become!

What’s a WISE Partner-Member?

A Partner is a one of two or more people that work together or do business together: someone who participates in an activity.

A Member is simply the number or body of people within a group.

Although our goal is to improve mental mobility of millions of women all across the world, it’s more important that we “Partner” with women who are invested and have a desire to make a positive change not only in their own life but in the lives of others.

TheWISEorg solicits “Partners” not Members!

However, we understand that our “Partners” make up a body of people; therefore, our “Partners” are called a WISE Partner-Member.

To be a Partner-Member means that you agree to work with other WISE Partner-Members within our monthly projects: including but not limited to events, social service work, community service projects, sister-circles outings and more! Become a Partner-Member today!

What’s in it for you?

In addition to our monthly continuing education empowerment events- we assist and support our Partner-Members through services such as: referrals including counseling, etc.; Life/business coaching; Entrepreneurial and Business Development services; Publishing services; Networking; Sisterhood development and more!

We offer flexible Partner-Membership Investment options such as: Sponsor Partner-Member Option; Silent Partner-Member Option; Supportive Partner-Member; and Participatory Partner-Member. You can’t go wrong with becoming a WISE Partner-Member! Program Alumni membership fees are waived.

Our Partner-Members enjoy the benefits of mingling with new people, networking with hundreds of women, and joining an exclusive organization.

Click Here to see a list of our Upcoming Sister-Circle Events!

Our flexible Partnership Annual Fee/donations options are:

  • Sponsorship Partner-Member Option
  • Silent Partner-Member Option – $40 annual donation
  • Supportive Partner-Member – $45 annual donation
  • Participatory Partner-Member -$60 annual donation

Become a WISE Partner-Member Today!

Furthermore, to be a W.I.S.E Partner-Member means that you agree to…

  • Participate in our Virtual Monthly meetingevery third Wednesday (we meet to collaborate, build, support, and develop projects);
  • Register and attend our Sister-circle Activities;
  • Register and attend our Service Projects*;
  • Volunteer and Support our Client Completion Ceremonies;
  • Participate in our annual Retreats;
  • Attend, at least once a month, our Client Educational Training program; and more!

*Service Projects include but are not limited to: volunteer work supporting local organizations including women’s shelters and women in poverty, mentoring of young women and girls; and more. 

Our Partner-Members are committed to attending continued development and engagement activities for networking purposes. Click here for a list of monthly events and activities.

Click onto the box below and sign-up for your desired Partner-Member investment!