Every year TheWISEorg gives back to the community through its tri-annual service program!

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We are always seeking opportunities to serve communities and enrich lives through our tri-annual community service program.  Each of our service projects require the solicitation of others in order to ensure its success. For example: in order to feed over 200 homeless persons we must recruit, on average, 15-30 people to assist with food preparation, packing, cooking, etc.  Therefore, if you’re interested in volunteering for one of our tri-annual projects-or-if you would like for TheWISEorg to provide service of some sort within your community, please email Mrs. Delisia Utley at or Dr. Duru at

Also, assisting and supporting local high-school students to obtain their Community service- graduation requirements!

Have a High-school student seeking to fulfill their Community Service hours?  Come join-in a WISEorg service project; all forms will be signed at the completion of the service.    Email Mrs. Delisia Utley for more information and/or to sign-up here


The following are our annual Service synopsis’

Year 2017

TheWISEorg, provided 10 victims of domestic violence, housed at a House of Ruth safe-home shelter, with a 3.5 hour Beauty workshop teaching best practices for specific skill development particularly pertaining to proper makeup application techniques, skin/hair care regimes, and more.  Participates were also provided a care package of products for continued care and maintenance; 2) Packaged 600 boxes of dry and canned foods for seniors, to be distributed throughout the state of MD, in partnership with the MD Food Bank.  Food items included: cereal, vegetables, rice, juice and more ; 3) Prepped and cooked food then packaged the food and drinks to feed over 250 homeless persons in partnership with Martha’s Table; 4) Cleaned and soiled vegetable gardens at the Catonsville Emergency Assistance organization in preparation for harvesting vegetables to feed homeless persons in the Baltimore city and surrounding areas; 5) Provided 8-10 weeks of educational and resource development such as art therapy programs, life coaching, soft-skill development, workforce development and more- for 8 women, housed in a Southern MD transition home; and more. In 2017 alone they completed over 100 hours volunteer service activities geared towards community and individual development serving approximately 1,200 persons.

Year 2018

Projects are scheduled; please see our Calendar page for a list of 2018 Service Projects.