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Sponsorship/Donation Opportunities
To make a tax-deductible contribution, donate using the form below.

Every day you wonder when you will give back to the world! But with your days being so busy and fast-paced you never get to it. Here’s the answer to your problem, start by donating TODAY! It is only through unity will we create the beautiful future we envision for ourselves and others. Through your donation, you can help create change in the lives of women who will benefit from our resources.

Donation Levels:

A $50 donation provides one woman with toiletries for a month. A $75 donation provides one hour of therapy. $300 can pay for 3 sessions of counseling. $400 will pay for workforce and career readiness sessions. A $600 donation funds two women’s enrollment in our upcoming spring “Mental Mobility” course!

Any amount is appreciated! Your donations will go towards our 2019 programs, activities, and resources for women with mental health disorders.

We are also always accepting in-kind donations. Such donations we need are: office supplies (staplers, notebooks, printing paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, clipboards, paper clips, etc.); laptop/tablet donations; gently used clothing; hygiene products; gift cards; non-perishable food items, and more.

You may also support us by registering to attend a WISE event (see our Calendar), fundraising, or providing tangible resources or services for our events such as water, t-shirts and more.

Thank you for your contribution to TheWISEorg and the hundreds of women we support daily through resources, support and educational development.


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