Mental Maintenance Programs
Saturdays | Feb 6 - Mar 6
Whole Girl Life (Balancing Acts of Life)


Balancing Acts of LifeBalancing all aspects of life

Bloom Where PlantedMaking the best of your situation

Lessons LearnedLearning not to repeat the same mistakes

Make Up Your MindLearning how to be intentional and firm in decision making

Matters of the HeartLearning how to deal with the dynamics of relationships

Healthy HabitsMaintaining mental and physical health

Money MovesUnderstanding how to manage your finances during transition

No Stress SuccessNavigating career, professional and education goals


Saturdays | Sept 11 - Oct 9
Authentically Me (Fully Blossoming)


Fully BlossomingBecoming the woman you were created to be

Good GriefNot letting loss define or debilitate you

Protect the PrizeMaking wise decisions in intimate relationships

Becoming a Social ButterflyDeveloping social and soft skills to become a better communicator

Mindfulness in the MomentBeing able to identify and manage your feelings and emotions

Mirror ImageBeing aware of how you perceive yourself versus how others see you

Free YourselfForgiving yourself for mistakes and being comfortable with   shortcomings

I’m Not SorryBeing and loving who you are without shame or guilt