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What is TheWISEorg’s Membership Progam?

Our membership program is an extension of our resources to provide social and networking opportunities for current members and alumni.  Our mission is to educate our clients on the importance of creating balance while immersing them in environments that force them to desire additional self-maintenance, esteem, care and development.  Studies have shown that, “when you look good, you feel good”.  A common problem many women have shared with us is that it’s hard to find positive, like-minded women to befriend and/or socialize with.  This program offers an array of activities, events and excursions throughout the year where our “Sister-Circle” can join together for the sole purpose of networking, socializing, supporting one another, and experiencing sisterhood.


What’s In It For You?

Our yearly membership provides you with benefits and access to unparalleled WISEorg resources:

  • Access to a global network of empowered women
  • Networking opportunities
  • Entrepreneurial and business development services
  • Life/business coaching
  • Referrals for counseling
  • Priority registration for our virtual events
  • Discounted member rates
  • Publishing services

Our yearly membership fee is $99.



Our belief is that the more you’re involved, the more aware, educated, empowered and encouraged you’ll become! Even with your busy schedule, obligations, and commitments, you can join our Sister-Circle and participate in our virtual events. Becoming a WISEorg member means that you agree to:

  • Participate in our virtual monthly meeting held every third Wednesday (we meet to collaborate, build, support, and develop projects);
  • Register and attend our Sister-Circle activities;
  • Register and attend our service projects*;
  • Volunteer and support our client completion ceremonies;
  • Participate in our annual retreats;
  • Attend, at least once a month, our Client Educational Training Program; and more!

*Service projects include, but are not limited to: volunteer work supporting local organizations including women’s shelters and women in poverty, mentoring of young women and girls, and more. 

Our members are committed to attending continued development and engagement activities for networking purposes.

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Mrs. Schnelle Jefferson, Ambassador



Ms. Kayla Williams, Ambassador