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Behind every successful woman is
a tribe of successful women who celebrate her!

Welcome to TheWISEorg!

The Women’s Inspirational and Self-Empowerment Organization (TheWISEorg) is more than a women’s healing organization; it’s a movement!  It was founded by Dr. Thomisha M. Duru (educator, philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and mental mobility coach), who, after a series of tragic incidents, experienced over three years of depression and suicidal thoughts. But, after working with her bishop and going through a series of Christian-based counseling, she eventually learned how to reclaim her life—and now she relishes every opportunity to help others do the same!

TheWISEorg, Inc. is a virtual 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving women worldwide that focuses on promoting mental mobility. It assists and provides free, non-clinical mental health care to women suffering from mild to moderate mental illnesses (i.e., depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.).

Our Mission and Vision is to foster a safe, non-judgmental and comprehensive mental development program that incorporates virtual, innovative, customized, and interactive learning activities while promoting mental mobility and development to improve and enrich the standards of living for our clients.

Our Objective is to prevent our clients from seeking and needing clinical mental heath care while improving their overall mental and social development through self-awareness, education, and resource development.

Our Goal is to help heal without medicine, to make whole and to promote mental mobility to help those who are “stuck”; to improve the welfare of our global society; to embrace those suffering from mild to moderate mental illnesses; and to provide support and assistance for women!

Who are WISE women? TheWiseOrg is an organization comprised of professional and entrepreneurial men and women who make up our eBoard and eTask Force or have partnered with us as facilitators, staff, ambassadors, and members.  We host virtual events throughout the year including: symposiums, seminars, workshops, summits, brunches, sister-circles, galas, fundraisers, volunteer challenges, conferences and more- all aimed at educating and promoting mental mobility.

Who are our clients? Our clients are adult women suffering with emotional and/or mental crises leading to mental disorders such as, but not limited to: depression (sadness, downheartedness, etc.); grief; anxiety; PTSD; suicidal thoughts and more.

Our focus is on strengthening and developing the mind and spirit. With that, we believe the body will follow.

Why should you care? Hard times come to us all—the truth is that you are not alone nor are you stuck there. TheWISEorg is a “one-stop-shop,” promoting mental mobility, empowerment, enhancement, educational development, and entrepreneurship. We focus on healing and wholeness.

TheWISEorg offers a wide and flexible array of virtual services to our clients, members, and partnered/contracted organizations. Each of our services is unique in that they are varied and event-based.

As of June 2019, TheWISEorg is a CFC-approved charity! Our inclusion on the 2019 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Charity List enables us to receive recurring donations from government employees. Find us on, CFC#63293.


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