TheWISEorg's Client Services We offers a wide and flexibility array of services to our clients.  Each of our services are unique, in that they are based on the client population being serviced at that time, circumstances, location, time/duration, etc. Below is our regularly offered Becoming W.I.S.E Educational and Self-Development Program. AT PRESENT- This CLASS is ONLY offered in Baltimore City ONLY.

Becoming W.I.S.E Educational Self-Development Program

Our“Becoming WISE” Educational development program is comprised of four categories:
          1) Legal/Health Development Services,
          2) Smart Goal and Achievement Services;
          3) Workforce and Career-College Admission Services; and
4) Pre/Post Support Services

This is an 8 weeks program (in Baltimore City) offered once in our Spring and Fall semesters.  Enrollment is based on an extensive vetting process.  Acceptance is based on a set of criteria which assists us in ensuring our clients’ success within the program.  Applicants not qualifying for our program are automatically referred to one of our many Resource-partners to receive Pre-Support Services.  This program promotes Mental Mobility.  We target women, suffering from Mild to Moderate mental illness(es), who feel a sense of “Brokenness” “Stuck” “Depression” “Hopelessness” “Anxious” and more. 

Our Legal/Health Development Services – Provides onsite professional medical support services from licensed physicians and therapists/psychologists for our clients within a vast array of specialized (in-class or on-site) activities, workshops and sessions; further, participants are provided free legal advice/resources from our partnered attorneys.

Our Smart Goal-setting and Achievement ServicesProviding individualizes support identifying, setting and achieving specific goals within the 8 week program.  Participants are provided tools and resources to support their success in achieving their goal at the conclusion of the program.  Pre and Post assessment are provided to measure each outcome.

Our Workforce and Career-College Admission Services – Through our Partnership and Articulation agreements- participants chose to enter into (1) an Employment Readiness Training Program specializing in Workforce development- Completers are assigned a Job Coach (80% gain employment), Professional wear (if needed, for Interviewing) and more; or (2) Career-College specializing in several disciplines such as Allied Health (Medical Billing, Medical Assistant, etc.) and more.  Through this service- students are placed in an externship program for which 75% are hired as a result.

Our Pre/Post Support Services – Offering Pre-support services for prospective clients not immediately-qualifying for our “Becoming WISE” Education development program.  Providing Post Support serves for our Program COMPLETERS!

Why Care?  Why should you become a W.I.S.E participant? Not only do participants have access to the resources needed for legal, mental, physical educational and workforce development- they’ll receive individual assistance in developing and achieving identified goals.  Remember: Success is as powerful as your network!  Each week participants will receive an incentive of some sort (transportation pass, gifts, etc.) and continental Breakfast provided each week.  Completers will be celebrated with a “Completion Ceremony” on the 8th week of class.  This is a Free program.

We're currently vetting for our Fall 2018 Cohort!

Sign-Up to be interviewed for our Fall 2018 Cohort Today!

Classes start: Fall 2018 cohort dates are TBA
Classes are held once a week (Saturday mornings from 10am-12noon)
in Patterson Park, Baltimore MD.
Any women experiencing mild to moderate mental illnesses such as:
depression, anxiety, PTSD, sadness, hopelessness, grieve, etc.
are encouraged to apply!